The Goddess of Destruction


The 13th God

Most of the world knows that 6 Gods sprang from Arun's mind, and 6 more from Shara's - but it is believed by some that there was actually one more, a 13th God. Myth has it that this mysterious being was neither directly born from the will of Arun nor from that of Shara. No one really knows where it came from, but the oldest believers speak of how it entered the world by slipping itself into the many tiny slivers of nightmares that drifted through the Titans sleeping minds. Fractured and weak at first, it's essence slowly converged into the persona of Shilen, now known to some as the "Goddess of Destruction".

Unlike the other Gods, Shilen did not create any Races that we know of, hence why most of the inhabitants of Arborea don't know about her, or don't believe in her.

But the ancient Shilenic Priests speak of how she keeps tempting members of all other Races to renounce their patron deities and follow her. Her promises have always been ones of rebellion and great power.

Probably because of that, she was never openly worshipped, the few Shilenic temples that were build on Arborea were all destroyed ages ago, and her cult seemed to have fallen into oblivion ... until now.

Blood Moon

Recently, an underground cult, the Blood Moon, led by an ancient Dark Elf called Grazzt has resurfaced, and it is believed that the goal of those cultists is to provoke the return of Shilen on Arborea ... which of course would be a disaster that has to be stopped by all means !

The Legendary Southern Continent

Another legend indirectly connected to Shilen is that of a big landmass far, far in the south, called Aden.

No one has ever seen, let alone set foot on this strange continent, but Shilen followers believe that it might have actually been the place where their Goddess was originally worshipped by Dark Elves.

Most scholars renounce the existence of such a landmass, though.