The 6 Primal Gods Born from Shara


Titles: The High Father, The Listener, The Lost God

Domains: Wisdom, Parentage, Oaths

Associated Races: Prions

Known Offspring: Kilian

Once acknowledged as the Leader of all Sharan gods (and originally even held in high respect by the Arunic ones), his loss in the Divine War destroyed his reputation and status, eventually even making him a prisoner of his own son, Kilian. According to legend he was incarcerated deep within the bowels of the Earth, most likely somewhere in Southern Shara.


Titles: Spellheart, The Stargazer, The Silent One

Domains: Magic, Philosophy, Neutrality

Associated Races: Faeries, Sprites

Known Offspring: none

The Queen and Goddess of the feyfolk, Isren was originally a Goddess of Peace and Magic. Similar to Tithus, Isren attempted to remain neutral in the Divine War, but unlike him, she merely tried to stay out of conflicts rather than to actively mediate them. But eventually, Thulsa and the other rebellious gods turned on Isren and destroyed her. Her destruction became the signal that finally made all other gods realize that there could be no bystanders in the war. An old feyfolk legend states that a part of Isren actually escaped from Arborea moments before the destruction, and is now watching from beyond the veil, waiting for the world to become better.


Titles: The Golden One, Feathershifter, The Undying

Domains: Renewal, Time, Hybris

Associated Races: Sikandari

Known Offspring: none

One of the least powerful among the original 12 primal gods, yet well-known for being extremely tenacious and far-sighted. Little else is known about him, except that he willingly sealed away his own power and went into deep slumber after his lover Isren was killed by Thulsa in the Divine War.


Titles: The Poison Lord, The Black Serpent

Domains: Intelligence, Intimidation, Nightmares

Associated Races: Naga

Known Offspring: none

The god of reptiles and the creator of the Naga race. Many of his old temples and ruins remain around the world still, but no one knows what became of him after the Divine War. He is said to have killed the Baraka God of Wisdom, Oriyn.


Titles: Lady Death, Queen of Graves

Domains: Murder, Intrigue, Undeath

Associated Races: Vampires, Gulas, Undead

Known Offspring: Akasha

The goddess Guruda created two races at the dawn of history: the gulas and vampirs. A born schemer, she insisted that her two creations battle each other for her favor. Eventually, Guruda was consumed by jealousy of the fair Zuras, and many suspect that she or her daughter, Akasha, quietly murdered Zuras as the Divine War began. Perhaps fittingly, it was betrayal and intrigue that resulted in Gluda's death. Thulsa had allied with Guruda and her children in the battles against Tithus and Isren, but Thulsa coveted the power of the gulas and vampirs. In the end, it was Thulsa who led a strike force that fought through armies of gulas and vampirs to slay Guruda - in what became one of the largest battles of the Divine War.


Titles: ?

Domains: ?

Associated Races: Wendigos

Known Offspring: ?

Perhaps the most mysterious and least-understood of the 12 primal gods, he is the creator of the equally strange Wendigos. Rumor has it that he fought on varying sides during the Divine War, but little else is known about him or his goals.