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80 years




" For the 100 Acre ! "

Popori are a race of animal spirits who have been given sentient form by elins, to act as sidekicks in the elins' mission to be guardians of the forest and of nature in general. Poporis are known for their "cute appearance" but do not be fooled - some are capable of things that are far from cute. The Popori are a more recent addition after Elinu's children, the elins, found a way to create new guardians of the forest.


The Popori are a more recent addition to the world of Arborea, having been formed from animal spirits. After Elinu's death, new elins were created by Seren, Goddess of the Moon, however quickly it became clear the Elin race was not enough. Having researched for a while, the elins concluded that there must be a way to shift animal spirits (as that is more suitable for guardians of nature) into sentient bodies and given mortal intelligence. They mastered this, and soon the first Popori were made. An hour would pass before the popori loses its animal-like behaviour, and begins to gain more intelligence until the process is finally complete.

All Popori are male, however nothing is stopping female spirits from being given form - they would just turn male. They are given a slightly longer lifespan due to their new bodies.

Popori live for approximately 80 years.

Popori Today

Recently, Popori have joined the Valkyon Federation too, and joined them during the Battle of Essenia against the High Elves. They are quite often respected and also adorable to many. They now enjoy happy lives in their new forms.

Capital City: Popolion

The poporis' capital city is the town of Popolion, but as that place became corrupted with the dark powers of the vampirs of Sinestral Manor, most Popori tend to call Pora Elinu as their capital city. Many Popori still remain in Popolion, but the majority have fled to Pora Elinu. You will often see them as guards, and very fun-loving folk usually near the pubs and forests.