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600 years




" The Goddess of Destruction will return ! "

Just like Shilen, Dark Elves are a mystery to most inhabitants of Arborea.

Also called "Drow" by some, it is believed that they excel at the Dark Arts, including death magic and shadow empowerment.

They do not mix blood with other races. They lurk in dark places and love the shadows. Rarely will they come into the light for needless purposes, but it is not usually believed light will harm or weaken them.


The Elves once lived lives dedicated to venerating nature and the gods. The "Children of Karas" maintained their forest homes in peace, but that changed when the conflicts of immortals destroyed their civilization and split a proud and powerful race into two factions.

High Elves became content with their peaceful lives in the woods, but there was a group of them who were dissatisfied with the complacency of their kind. Possessed of a strong ambitious streak, they insisted that battle must continue in order to rule the land - even if it meant the use of banned black magic. However, this stance met with violent opposition from the other Elves.

During this time, a Human magician appeared among the rebellious Elves and, approaching their leader, spoke : "You desire power, but the weak High Elves and their supporters fear you attaining the great power you deserve. They only worry about whether you will attack them or bring on even greater plague. It is those weak thoughts that have created the current weakness in the Elven race." The rebellious Elves leader responded warily, "Who are you, Human magician? What goal do you have to fool us?"

"My name is Dasparion and I am a mere magician. But I possess the strength that you desire. I can help you acquire your ambitions in return you must give to me that which I desire."

"That which you desire? And what may that be?"

"Your youth. The secret to eternal life. Though I may be skilled in magic, I am still Human and my lifespan is not even one hundred years ... so, what is your decision? We can help each other attain what we desire."

Seduced by the powers of the black magic that Dasparion possessed, the rebellious Elves accepted his proposition and learned the dark arts under his tutelage. Dasparion in turn acquired the knowledge of immortality and left the woods satisfied.

Learning of these events, the High Elves banished and laid a curse upon the other Elves. The curse rotted the woods where they lived, and they became a Race of Darkness. They were forced to flee underground to escape the wrath of the High Elves, and from this moment on were known as ... Dark Elves.